Pengaruh dioksin terhadap kesehatan

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Pengaruh dioksin terhadap kesehatan
Dioxin effects to human health
JURNAL KEDOKTERAN YARSI 13 (2) : 244-252 (2005)
Department of Medical Chemistry, YARSI UNIVERSITY School of Medicine

Dioxin is a name for a family of heterocyclic hydrocarbons that are by-products of many industrial processes such as the bleaching of paper, production of herbicides, or incomplete combustion. The reference compound is 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), known as a reproductive toxin, an immunotoxin, and a carcinogen. Dioxins are metabolically stable, and accumulate in the environment and in animal tissues. Dioxins may be consumed by humans or animals upon eating the flesh of fish and other animals contaminated with this environmental toxin. There has been some concern about the possible relation between TCDD and diabetes, due to animal data indicating that TCDD affects glucose transport and reports about increased morbidity from diabetes or increased serum glucose in humans exposed to TCDD. Effects of TCDD on skin, liver, thyroid, immune system, lipid and glucose metabolism have been also reported.