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Profil YARSI
Thursday, 26 February 2009 11:45

YARSI FOUNDATION was founded to meet the requirement for the establishment of a university, as mandated by Law no. 22 of 1961 on Higher Education. The idea of establishing a FACULTY OF MEDICINE was the brain child of four lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine of the UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA:  Dr. H. Ali Akbar, professor of Physiology; Prof. Dr. Asri Rasad, MSc, PhD; Drs. Med. Maksum Saleh Nasution, lecturer of Anatomy, and Prof. Dr. Uddin Jurnalis, professor of Anatomy. It was in 1965 that they began discussing the possibility of setting up a medical school run by an Islamic institution. At that time there was already a medical faculty in Jakarta at Ibnu Khaldun University, where the four founders also helped as part-time lecturers. Unfortunately the school was not managed very well.

The years 1965-1966 were a period of extreme political turmoil, with a coup d'etat attempt by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), culminating in the murders of several military generals on September 30, 1965. The Indonesian Army promptly retaliated. A power transition soon ensued, from President Sukarno’s Old Order to the New Order led by Suharto. The transition was far from smooth, giving rise to daily demonstrations demanding that Sukarno step down.

At the end of 1966, confusion in the academic system at the Medical Faculty of Ibnu Khaldun University caused all the lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine at the UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA to quit, which led to a vacuum in academic activities. The students insisted that they be accommodated in a new institution to continue their education. This spurred the four founders to carry through with their idea of establishing a faculty of medicine.

To comply with regulations, on April 11, 1967, YARSI FOUNDATION was set up with the help of Notary A. Gewang for the deed of establishment. Besides the four founders mentioned above, two former student activists at the Faculty of Medicine of Ibnu Khaldun University, Drs. Med. Malimar Soeloet and E. Wirjatmo, and businessman H. Abdul Karim Oey were also named on the deed so that altogether, seven people were considered as YARSI founders.

On 15 April, 1967, YARSI Foundation formally established YARSI Medical College. In accordance with Law no. 22, 1961, later in 1969, the name was changed to YARSI Medical School. With the opening of three other faculties in 1989: Law, Economics and Information Technology, the name was further changed to YARSI UNIVERSITY.

The establishment of YARSI Medical School wouldn’t have been possible without the full support of the Faculty of Medicine at the UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA: the dean at the time, Prof. Dr. Jamaluddin, SpB and lecturers from all departments. Support in the form of the use of all lecture halls and fully equipped laboratories at the medical faculty of the UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA at Jl. Salemba No. 6 Jakarta allowed the new establishment to thrive and develop. This continued until 1970. Then in 1971 the campus moved to Jl. Lt. Suprapto Cempaka Putih and continued to evolve as it is today.

Vision and mission


"Establishing an Islamic university which is respected, authoritative, of high quality, and able to compete in national and international forums by the end of 2020"


1. Advancing science, technology and art through quality education, teaching and learning excellence in accordance with Islam.

2. Advancing science, technology and art through quality study, superior research and publications according to Islam.

3. Advancing science, technology and art as solutions to problems and challenges of the world according to Islam.

4. Developing human resources and good governance that can address the problems that arise in the community and provide the right directions in order to build a world community, especially for a fair, prosperous, equitable and civilized Indonesia according to Islam.