Office for International Affairs

The Office for International Affairs of YARSI University welcomes students from all over the world. Visit our website designed to provide information and advice to international students wishing to study at YARSI University.

Office for International Affairs maintains and expands international cooperation with foreign universities and institutions worldwide. We help you with visa and other permit matters and provide practical guidance and information to help you be ready to live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and study, teach, and conduct research at YARSI University. In addition, the office aims to ensure that every international student and staff have the most meaningful experience at YARSI University. Our primary services include the following:

  • Arrange Indonesian cultural experience activities for international students and staff.
  • Provide consultation on educational/psychological issues, including referrals to psychologists and specialists.
  • Arrange drop-off/pickup at the nearest airport from YARSI University.
  • Assist in finding accommodation and orienting the use of modes of transportation within and between cities in Indonesia.
  • Assist in creating itineraries to tourist attractions in Indonesia and booking travel tickets and accommodation

The Office for International Affairs also assists students and staff from YARSI University to expand their opportunity to study and fellowship overseas and immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences. In collaboration with the Partnership Center of YARSI University, we help to prepare internal students and staff of YARSI University for study opportunities, internships, and exchange/mobility abroad and to ensure that they have the most incredible experience possible while abroad. Among our services are the following:

  • Provide administrative assistance in obtaining visas and health insurance while abroad.
  • Provide educational and psychological counseling/consultation while abroad online (if needed)
  • Provide foreign language support services.
  • Pre-departure cultural and academic preparation
  • If required, arrange drop-off and pickup of students and staff at the nearest airport from YARSI.