Public Resources (Lifelong Learning)

Distance Learning

Through its website, e-Learning Universitas YARSI YARSI University provides distance learning services. The screen displays a Learning Management System (LMS) for the YARSI University Academic Community members with an account.

e-Learning Universitas YARSI


  1. Digital Library
    YARSI University offers open-access digital library services for searching for scientific articles in e-journals, e-books, and e-proceedings.Welcome to Universitas YARSI Repository – Universitas YARSI Repository
    digital library
  2. Digital Islamic Library
    Maktabah YARSI is the first Indonesian-language digital Islamic library with a search feature for problem topics based on keywords from cross-references inspired by Maktabah Syamilah. All sources of books and documents displayed already have copyright waqf so that they are legal to use and use.
    Maktabah YARSI – Perpustakaan Islam Digital Berbahasa Indonesia
    Maktabah Yarsi
  3. National Legal Information Document Access Service
    National legal information document data (JDIHN) integration with the YARSI University website. The general public can help to improve access to complete and accurate legal information.