Full Name : Ahmad Rusdan Handoyo Utomo, Ph.D
Email address :
Academic Qualification :
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Pathology Harvard Medical School, Boston USA (2003-2007)
  • PhD Molecular Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX, USA (1995-2003)
  • BSc Chemistry (Magna Cum Laude), Angelo State University, San Angelo TX USA (1991-1995)
No Phone Office : +62 (21) 4296675
No Fax : +62 (21) 4243171
Area of Expertise : Cancer Genetics, Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics
Research Grants :
  1. 2016 PPTIRISTEK DIKTI Pengembangan Produk Kit Diagnostik Multigen Secara non invasive sebagai Alat Diagnostik Penentu Obat dan Deteksi Kekambuhan Pasien Kanker Paru
Publications :
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Books :
  1. Utomo, Ahmad R H. Memahami proses karsinogenesis kanker payudara. In: Farida Briani Sobri-Yohana Azhar-IGN Gunawan Wibisana Abdul Rachman, eds. Manajemen Terkini Kanker Payudara: Media Aesculapius; 2017: 29.
Conferences :
  1. (2013) Speaker KAVLI National Academy of Science (NAS) Session Personalized Medicine Overview of Current Practices, State of the Arts and Future Outlooks
  2. (2016) Oral Presentation. Respirology, 21: 20–79. Doi:10.1111/Resp.12939_14 Apsr6-0587: Frequent Baseline Egfr Mutation T790m In Cytological Specimens Of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (Tki) Naive Adenocarcinoma Nsclc Patients
  3. (2017) Oral Presentation. Common And Uncommon Egfr Mutations Analysis In Cytology And Plasma Samples Of Treatment-Naive Lung Cancer Patients. Respirology, 22: 73. Doi:10.1111/Resp.13206_172
Awards :
  1. American Chemical Society Undergraduate Achievement Awards (1999)
  2. Carr Academic and Undergraduate Research Scholarship (1992-1999)
  3. American Lung Association (ALA) Senior Research Fellowship (2005-2007)
  4. YARSI Life Science Research Award (2017)